Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10% Down, 20% To Go

Just a quick entry to mark my progress. I’m under 180 pounds!!!! I’ve lost that first 10%. This is just surprising the heck out of me. Getting fit and healthy hasn’t been painful, it’s been fun. Just like I wanted it to be. Well, truthfully there have been some sore muscles occasionally, and just a few times when I felt hungry. But those times are rare and well worth the way I’m feeling these days. Full of energy, happy!

I’ve been to three weightlifting classes so far and one of the instructors, Amber, helped me with my form on the lunges yesterday. I also wore some old workout pants I used to wear when I was thin a few years back. With a big T-shirt over them I looked pretty okay. Better than when I wear my old baggy work out capris, which is what I wear most days to the gym. Pretty soon I’ll post some more pics.

Looks like I have a chance of making my next mini goal of being 175 pounds by my birthday, my old top weight and where I was prior to quitting smoking. Anyways, I’m just gonna keep on doing what I’ve been doing because it’s working. I’m hoping the weightlifting class will help build more muscle so maybe I’ll burn more calories per day and also start looking leaner. I still feel fat, but have just under 5 pounds to go to being just overweight and not in the obese category.
Getting there…step by step.


Michelle said...

Wow! You're doing so good. I am just so blown away by your progress and so SO happy you're enjoying the journey. Congrats on your 10%!!

Pollye said...

C, told you I read. You are doing great. Never doubted you, already knew you could do whatever you want to. Hugs

Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH!! Good luck!!!

Audrey said...

WTG Loha!! So proud of you!!