Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to the Numbers

Okay, so after last week’s weigh-in, I was whining about the numbers not adding up. Today I’m singing a completely different tune. Based on the scientific formula of What I eat – What it takes to keep my body alive – How frickin’ hard I’m working out = What the Scale Should Say, I should have lost 2.95 pounds. Again, it wasn’t exact, but I lost another 2.4 pounds!!!

I’m totally happy with that, because it means that I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m ¼ of the way to my goal weight! Really, once I got serious, and smarter, about it, it hasn’t taken long. Thanks for all the tips, Michelle, you trigirl, you! And for the very useful info and trackers, SparkPeople! Also, I was trying to hit 185 by the time I went to Portland, so since it has 185 in it, I’ll take it.

I also measured myself today, because I decided I’d do that on my first weigh-in of each month. And, you won’t believe this, because I couldn’t, and I’m living in this body, I trimmed 11.5 inches off my body! In one month!!!!! And that includes a .5 gain in my thigh measurement. I’m not sure what that’s about, but can only guess it is pure muscle underneath that outer fat layer, and when I measured before I was more squishy, so maybe the tape kind of sunk in a little? But, 11.5 Inches!!!! Which brings me to a little dilemma.

Clothes. That fit. I’ve been noticing that my pants are all loose. In fact, most of them I can take off without unzipping them. Yep, they slide right off my hips. But, most of my next size skinnier clothes are still too tight. Except my favorite shorts. Those fit again!!!! I don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes I’ll only wear for a month or so, but I wanted to look good in Portland. So, after much mind debate I decided to buy one new pair of shorts, a few tops, and just let the rest hang where they may.

So, one more really cool thing this week. I’ve really been eyeing the weight machines while I pedal away on the bikes at the gym, trying to see how people adjust things. When I’m on the treadmill I can’t think of anything except what I’m doing. Oh! Another cool thing! I’m up to a Walk 3.0/Jog 3.9 pace on the tread, so hopefully I’ll be able to move on to Week 3 of my 5K running plan soon.

Anyway, back to the strength training. After my cardio the other day, I saw there was a weight training class in session so I was watching that, and turned to an employee that was nearby and asked him about the class. I told him I was wanting to add some strength training to my program, but didn’t know how to use the machines. He turned out to be the Fitness Manager of the club, and asked hadn’t I been given a complimentary orientation when I joined. I told him I had, but was told we didn’t have time to try any machines during it. Remember the TFH??? I didn’t offer it, but he asked, so I did tell him her name. Anyways…..he scheduled another orientation for me for next week. Yeah!!!! I’m going to be doing some strength training!!! I’m so excited. I thought it was better to wait till after my trip in case I get really sore. That, plus I think I’m going to try that weight training class soon. This how they described it; "24LIFT™:
One of our most popular classes, this highly efficient, full-body 24 Hour Fitness signature workout utilizes barbells and hand weights to strengthen and sculpt all muscle groups. " Sounds good to me.

Over and out. Time to make my smoothie, make banana bread to take with me, pack, and get to the gym. And then tomorrow I'm off to boogie with that cutie, James Hunter, and that hot cajun mama, Rosie Ledet. Woo Hoo! Update: A little change in plans due to puter not liking BlogSpot all of a sudden. Already made the banana bread, and I'm going to the beach instead. Looks like there might be some waves.


Michelle said...

Whoa! Your weight loss is incredible! I am simply amazed at 15 pounds lost!! Congratulations. The change in your whole tone and outlook is incredible. I remember how you were whining (sorry!) about exercising and now you're are excited! It's such a shift and I'm loving it. You are doing so great and it really inspires me to keep on. Even though I think I'm starting to PMS and just want to crawl in bed and eat chocolate!

Michelle said...

I tagged you! Check my blog for details. And welcome home!!

Pearl said...

Keep up the good work.