Saturday, June 28, 2008

Changes are Happening... Fast!

Well, here it is. My new do. I’m not completely happy with it, but I don’t hate it either. And it for sure looks a million million times better than what I had before. Part of not taking care of myself was letting my hair just grow and grow, and then wearing it up and back all the time. So I looked like I was bald, or like an Easter egg. Hair around one’s face is flattering, especially when you have a few wrinkles.
I’ve got to get used to the bangs, though. Haven’t had any of them since I was about 13, I think. I’m curious what it will be like taking care of it, how much work it will take. I’m pretty much a wash and wear kind of girl, so I hope it isn’t too hard. And the ponytail the stylist cut off is long enough (10 inches) to send to Locks of Love. I'm happy about that.

Now, here is another amazing change for me. My appointment was at 10 this morning, and I knew I wasn’t going to want to go to the gym right after and get my new do all sweaty, so I went before! Now this is incredible because not too long ago I would have used it as an excuse to not exercise today. But, I wanted to go. I figured I could fit in 30 minutes of cardio and still make it to my appointment after showering and having a smoothie.

And…..drum roll……guess what I did for that 30 minutes? I took a spinning class! Well, part of a spinning class, anyways. I was standing there looking at them. Are they called spinners? Anyways, I was standing there looking at them because usually the light is turned off in their special little room. This girl walked up to me and asked me if I was going to join the class that was just starting. I told her I only had 30 minutes and my knee was feeling kind of weird this morning. She told me, “No Problem” and said she always wears a knee brace herself. She also said she burns way more calories in spinning class than on regular stationary bikes. The way she put it was, “Oh those! They’re nothing. Pfft….These are much more like road bikes.” So I thought, “What the heck.” Training for real biking is what I’m doing after all.

It was kind of fun because everybody is doing it together and some people were chatting and laughing and there’s music. The leader adjusted my spinner bike (correct terminology. I looked it up) and away we went. I liked that there was a range of people there – from overweight like me, to really thin and fit, from in their 20s to well into their 60s, male, female, it was easy to fit in.

There was also a range of spinning fitness there, from the couple in their 60s, dressed in their bike clothes, racing away with what looked like perfect form and no fat to be seen, to a few who only stood up twice. I tried to stand when the leader said to, but could only last a few seconds, maybe 15, before sitting down again. Plus, there’s a whole art to transitioning from sitting to standing while you’re riding. At least I didn’t fall off, but I was wondering how many people do when they are beginners. It also took me a bit to figure out how to increase the tension on the bike, but I eventually did.

I’ll probably go back for another class soon, just to mix things up a bit. I’ve been reading how it’s good to change exercise patterns to kind of fool your body into working harder. I’m all for that. Whatever it takes to get the most out of the effort I’m putting in. I think I’ll stay put for the rest of the day, let my hair enjoy itself. Tomorrow I’ll go to the beach or the gym again.

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Michelle said...

Wow! Two big things. Things are happening fast indeed.

First, the haircut. I love it! It's so young and fresh and alive. You're going to have to play with it to make it your own of course but I just love it. Your hair looks so healthy too. Very nice. Does it feel strange to have shorter hair?

Second, Spin Class?! I'm so impressed. Spin class has always been something that I'm intimidated by. Still haven't gotten myself to take one. You are rocking! I agree, mixing it up in the gym is very important. People get stuck in an exercise rut and do the same thing over and over. I think mixing it up is good for the body but also for the mind. New is fun.

Your post title is just so true. And the tone of your posts has changed so much. Your posts are positive and enthusiastic and you're open and discovering new things all the time. Rock on!