Monday, June 9, 2008

I found the Little Laughing Cow Lite Wedges(LCLWs)!!! I usually breeze through Costco in about 20 minutes cause I know what I'm getting and that is that. But, when I went yesterday it was with the idea that I would read the label of anything I was considering buying. I must have been in there for over an hour, and the only samples I sampled were of some kind of vitamin water (0 calories) and a little piece of a granola bar (maybe 14 calories, because a whole one was 140).

Granola bars were on my mental list of things to buy, because I figured there might be times when I didn't have time to eat something healthy or I wanted a snack. But they all had at least 140 calories and I think 3-5 grams of fat. Since I am not much of a snacker, except at night before going to bed, and i already had my mind set on the LCLWs, I passed on the granola bars. I did get Special K with strawberries tho. I'm not much of a cereal person, but I remembered I liked them before, and a serving only has 100 calories and no fat, so I thought they might come in handy sometime. I think the milk is extra, but since I'm doing the lowfat soy milk thing I think that will be okay.Let's see.

What else new did I get? Oh yeah, a case of Crystal Light drinks - raspberry, orange, and lemonade (5 calories for 12 oz and no fat of course)... to go with my vodka. I think it might have been a mistake, tho, because they're really sweet. I guess if I mix it with sparkling water it will be fine. And that case oughta last me at least till I did get one 2 pack of cran-raspberry juice to go with the last of my pink grapefruit juice.

Then a lot of the old standbys - broccoli crowns, a big bag of spinach, 6 pack of colored peppers, a rotisserie chicken, salmon burgers and marinated salmon fillets (I know there is a ton of fat in salmon, but they say it is "Good fat", if there is such a thing, and I haven't been cooking with ANY oil lately, so I figured it was okay), and deli sliced baked turkey breast (60 c and .5 g fat for 2 oz). I looked for pita bread but couldn't find it, so got more rye bread. No Tortillas!!!! That is a major step for me. I did look at them, and the whole wheat wraps, and maybe next time I'll get the wraps. We'll see.

I'd read an article on SparkPeople about flaxseed and decided I needed some of that too. So, first I picked up a giant jar of ground flaxseed, but then I found flaxseed oil caps, and decided on them insead. I know myself, and that jar of powdery stuff would have gathered a lot of dust, and not much would have made it inside me. Even though I am sure it is really really good for me. I'm just not much of a sprinkler of that kind of stuff, although at one point in my life I added wheat germ to just about everything.

I saved looking for the LCLWs till last, because I knew how disappointed I would be if they didn't have any. But they did! I am just so happy about that, I can't tell you. I was getting really hungry even before I went, but I passed on all their food court stuff because everything except their berry smoothies has 700+ calories and a bunch of fat, but as soon as I got home I had one of those LCLWs. And, man are they good! Just like I remembered them. All creamy and cheesy. I think I have found the answer to my cheese addiction while getting healthy again. That and the jarlsberg lite cheese for sandwiches, although that just doesn't have the right texture to satisfy my cheese cravings, especially at night.

Oh sheesh, I know this manini (Hawaiian slang for little, acknowledging of it being inconsequential) examination of my food and exercise is more than anyone wants to hear about, but I am really working hard at this -trying to change things up so I get where I want to be. I guess nobody has to read it if they are too bored, and I am sure there are plenty of people who are. For some reason a lot of my sense of humor has disappeared as I get more serious about this. Duh! Serious = lack of humor in some circles. It will come back, I know it will. Anways...on to exercise.....

I've alternated the 3 minutes walk/1minute jog the past two days, and have been playing around with the pace. Keeping them both up as high as I can, but being mindful of my heart rate. Whenever it goes over the 85% of THR I slow it down, and as I go along during each 30 minutes I have to slow it down a little more. So, until I can keep it under the whole time I am going to TRY to not keep upping the pace. It's hard, though, let me tell you. Especially when I'm perfectly happy walking/jogging along at my slow pace and some little skinny girl gets on the machine next to me and stretches her foot up on the side bar and then starts jogging along like she's being chased by an angry fat woman, then starts jogging sideways, backwards, and I'm sure if she could, uspide down. Patience, Kristy, patience. So, my cardios have all been 55-65 minutes for at least a week now, because after I do the treadmill I go on the bike. I can't wait to ride a real bike again. I've always loved that.

Good news! I went to the doctor's today and my blood pressure decreased from 142/90 on May 21 to 136/80 today, and my weight went from 199.5 that day to 195.9 today. Now, my morning before I eat and with no clothes on scale says I am actually 194, but at least it is all going in the right direction.


Pollye P said...

I didn't find it boring at all. in fact I am very proud of you. Your are doing good. I'm gonna look for that little cow thingy too. I think I might like them, I never heard of it before.

Michelle said...

OMG! Your blood pressure went down?! That's incredible. You are doing so good. You are sounding so happy and bright and alive and just everything good and I love it!

You are seeing some of the payoffs already, obviously feeling good and making fitness progress and better food choices and none of it sounds forced, it's all coming from within you, because you want it, and that's great! I hope Pua is a big support too.

Whew! I'm glad they had the Laughing Cow. I'll have to look for it next time I'm at Costco, which needs to be soon.

Keep it up!!