Sunday, June 15, 2008

Consistency Counts

I'm definitely learning about the power of consistency. I've always thought that as long as one stays active in some way each day that it is the same in terms of staying in shape. I am definitely rethinking that. I'm beginning to understand that the specific type of activity one does contributes to different kinds of fitness.

For instance..... yesterday I worked HARD outside, spraying weedkiller on a 90 degree hillside, shoveling composted debris out of a drainage canal, and trimming out of control rhododendrons. Those are just two of the leaves.
Then I went to the beach and had a blast boogieboarding for the last hour of the day. These are both activities I enjoy for different reasons. The yard work gives me a sense of accomplishment, although it is never done for long. The boogieboarding is one of my passions - it just makes me happy. So I burned about 800 calories I think. It's hard to find the right activities on my fitness tracker that match what I'm actually doing. The day before I did some weedeating and then boogieboarding. So, I figured "No problem" that I didn't do any gym cardio for two days.
Wrong, oh New to the Gym Girl! Last week I and my heart rate were cruising right along on the treadmill, walk 3, jog 1 for 30 minutes. Then biking for another 20-30 minutes. Well, I couldn't believe what a difference a few days break made. My heart rate was going nuts again after the first three jogging intervals. So, I was a good girl and took the walking down a notch each time till my heart rate settled down, and then after the fourth interval, called it quits on the jogging. I was really disappointed, because I was hoping to up the pace this week. But, I was proud of myself for finishing not only the treadmill, but biking too. Again, I couldn't keep it up at the level 10 pace I had last week because of my heart rate, but I did for most of the tme. And burned over 500 calories! So, I just need to remind myself that as long as I am moving, it is a vast improvement over just six weeks ago. But, if I'm going to do any of us this seriously, like run a 5K ever, I need to keep on it.
On a good note in the consistency department, I'm continuing to eat within my calorie range and meeting my WW points total every day. I'm wondering if it's a bad thing to not use my 30 extra flex points, though, because I woke up really really hungry this morning. I'm also wondering if that had anything to do with how hard the gym workout was today. I guess I'll figure that out as I go along.


Michelle said...

Great work! I love that picture of you in the cute! There is so much to learn and figure out on this journey and I have had some of the same thoughts, and still do really, you're having. How does my eating effect my workouts? How about non-gym activity? It's all part of the fun :) Glad to hear you're chugging along. Great work! Oh, and I am in favor of eating some of those flex points. The daily points aren't enough for me but you'll have to figure out if that's also true for you. Have fun!

Michelle said...

oh! I realized after seeing your comment how that sounded. I added another sentence to #6 to make it more clear :)

Pollye P said...

K, You are doing great! I am enjoying your journey.
How did you get that picture on your banner behind your title?