Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having My Cheese and Spreading It Too

I have just discovered one of the wonders of the known world! My LCLWs are spreadable and LESS calories and fat than a Tbsp of Lite mayo!!!! (35/2 vs 50/4) How can this be????? I can now not only eat those little triangles of creamy delight as a snack, I can use them on sandwiches too! This is just too good to be true!!!

I mean, my cheese is another person's chocolate. Sometimes, well, alright, most nights, I just have to have some cheese before i go to bed. Now that I've found, and purchased, four beautiful rounds of LCLWs, I am such a happy camper. The other night I went on a little Laughing Cow binge. First I ate one, then I was craving another and thought, "Maybe if I have one with something else it will satisfy me," so I spread one on a piece of rye toast with a thin layer of deli turkey. Then, when that still wasn't quite enough, I had one more wedge. And you know what? It still added up to less calories and fat than one tiny little slice of regular cheese! I am in heaven!

And, it's working. I'd identified this cheese habit and cocktails as the cause of my going over my target calorie and WW point range every day. So, I altered the mix I'm having with my drinks and limiting the number of them, and I got rid of (okay, ate) all of the regular cheese in the house and bought LCLWs. Since I made those two changes I've stayed on the low side of my calorie range and kept within my WW points range. Which has led to a very happy state of affairs for what will be hereon known as my Wednesday Weigh-In. 192.4 pounds! yes indeedy, a 3.2 loss this past week!

My cardio is also continuing along well. I took a day off Monday and just did a little gardening, but I went six days straight before that and went yesterday and today. I'm continuing with the 30 minute 3 min walk/1 min jog at the current levels 2.9/3.7 until my heart rate and body tells me it's time to increase them. Hopefully by the end of this week or early next week. And doing the bike at a level 10, with occasional dips down to 8 for the steep hills. So, according to SparkPeople calculators I am buring around 550 calories each time (the machines at the gym estimate 350-375, but I like SP's estimates better). Yippee!!

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Michelle said...

Yipppeeee!! Wow, what a huge loss this week! You're right, all those small changes you've made are really starting to add up. I would be thrilled with a 3+ pound loss, that's incredible. You rock!