Sunday, June 1, 2008

So Many Questions

Like, how do I make pictures smaller on here? Nobody really needs to see that buttery spray that big. I mean, what if it WAS that big? You'd burn calories just getting it out of the fridge and spraying it on anything. It'd be like a fire hose. One spray and you could knock the pan off the stove, or your plate off the table. And that smoothie would last you days. Or you could make a party out of it. Invite your friends, give them pretty straws and all slurp away together. Of course some of your shorter friends might need a stepladder to get their fair share.

Another question that came up yesterday for me was how do I set the treadmill for C25K intervals? I DID figure out today how to alternate running and walking on the thing. Yesterday I just kept it at the same pace (2.6) and jogged slowly every three minutes. That just didn't seem right, so today I walked at 2.8 and then every three minutes I set it up to 3.6 for 30 seconds. That seemed more like what it was supposed to feel like. But, what do I know since I haven't run for about 4 years?

And what does 2.6, 2.8, and 3.6 stand for? Are they measuring something? I'm sure they are, I just can't figure out what. Steps per minute? That can't be right. Miles per hour? Maybe. For some reason I can't convert things. Let's say I set it at 4 and that meant that I was moving at 4 miles per hour. How high would I have to set it to be running a 4 minute mile? 15? Not that I'm ever going to reach that level, but I've always thought of the four minute mile as such a great thing.

Anyway, these are things I think of as I walk along on the treadmill. Better than thinking about the great body the girl on the elliptical in front of me had today and how I will never look like that, or move like that either. Okay, enough of THOSE thoughts. Better to think about the fact that I jogged yesterday and today. Every three minutes. And my heart rate only once reached a dangerous level, and that was because I pushed the level up to 3.8 or 4 and jogged for a minute. So, hearing Laurel's voice in my head, I decided to keep it toned down. I am so impatient! I want to do it all NOW! I want to all of a sudden weigh 50 pounds less, not the 5 pounds I've finally reached. I want to run for hours not seconds. All in good time. I don't know whose voice that is, but it's what I have to remember. Just keep doing what I'm doing and my body and ability to move will improve.

Okay, another question. How often should I be doing these cardio workouts? Some things I've read say you should do some form of cardio 5-6 days a week, but others say you should take days off in between. So, I'm confused. I know I said I was going to hire a trainer soon so I could do some strength training, but yesterday I had a weird thing happen so I'm not sure if I'm ready for the machines. I did some crunches, first on this machine that you sit on and lean forward with, then on one of the benches. When I got in my car, as soon as I twisted sideways to sit down I had the most unbelievable pain in my upper stomach, like right below my bra line.

This is the third time it's happened. The first was when the TFH had me doing those leg things and when it hurt too much, I rolled over and got on my knees really quickly. The second time was a few weeks ago when I was going to the beach. I had felt something kind of cramp or tighten weirdly about 10 minutes before when I was putting on my bathing suit. Then all of a sudden it started hurting really really bad, like heart attack bad. And then yesterday. I think it is a muscle spasm because yesterday, during the third time I got out of my car to stand up because it hurt too much to sit, I felt a big bulge right there. Okay, I know TMI, but this is why I think maybe I'm not ready for strength training and those machines. Maybe I should get in a little better shape first? Does that make sense? Getting in shape to do strength training? Can women get hernias?

Anyways...I burned 270 calories between the treadmill and bike, and with cool downs, went 55 minutes. Big improvement over a month ago. THAT is the thing to remember. And I jogged. Did I mention that?

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