Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obese No More

Yes, it’s true. I’m not obese anymore. Now I’m just overweight. I never ever EVER want to be obese again!!! Like anyone does? Anyways, after getting back to my program, eating within calorie range and being active pretty much every day, I broke out of that measly loss pattern of the past two weeks. I lost 3 pounds this past week!! Not only that, it brought me down to 29.9 BMI which, in case you don’t know, is the cut off between obese and overweight.

Funny, I went to the doctor today so she could take a look at my toe that has been hurting. Remember the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival pic of my feet? Well, I’ve kept my toe taped pretty much nonstop since then, and it still really really hurts when I go on the tread, when I walk very far with slippers, and well, pretty much all the time. While the x-rays didn’t show any break, they did show a pretty noticeable, at least to me, jammed up joint. Barely any space in between the two bones. So, I have to make an appointment with the podiatrist. Why do we always have to see specialists these days? Why couldn’t she have just taken that toe in her well-manicured hands (I notice that kind of stuff ‘cause mine usually aren’t. And I actually told her not to look at my very un-manicured toenails. I really need to get a boyfriend so I feel like doing that more often) and pulled it back out like it’s supposed to be?

Anyways, beside the toe issue I asked for a referral to a gastrowhatever so they can stick a tube down my throat and make me stop coughing somehow. That’s gonna take another couple of months apparently. Specialists. Anyway, what was funny was that I was all happy about my weight loss and said something about not being obese anymore, and she said, “Weeellll…your BMI is 29.9 and it should be 20 whatever” (I guess I should mention that she’s a thin Asian doctor) I told her I was very happy to be just overweight and not obese, and she conceded that point. It’s funny that I wasn’t bummed by her response. In the past I probably would have been embarrassed, mad, resentful. This time I was happy to be happy about it. I know what I’ve been doing to get here...and where I’m going. That’s enough.

The other thing is, my doctor likes me. She noticed I’d cut my hair. She said she was glad I’d decided to do the endoscopy. I think she gets a kick out of me still bodyboarding. She saw me through an emotionally rough time a few years back. And, when I told her I was planning on hiking on the Makiki Loop Trail tomorrow, she very kindly told me I should watch out for the pig hunters. I won’t go into all that, but suffice it to say that there are some people who love to play commando in the hills, hunting pigs with their packs of pit bulls, and that some of them think everybody should get out of their way when they’re doing it. She suggested I carry a BIG umbrella that I could open to fend them (the pit bulls) off. Not sure if that would work, but it sure gave me a humorous picture to consider.

I’m going to do it anyway, since I have a meeting I have to go to right next to where the trail starts. If you don’t hear from me by next week, call the police. Although my doctor says the police won’t do anything about the pig hunters.

Oh! My other big news is that today on the tread I jogged for 90 seconds/walked for 120 for thirty minutes. I’ll have to look if that fits into the 5K running plan I’m pretending to be on. I know it’s progress and that’s what counts.


Cyndi said...

Hi Kristy, Your 90 second jog intervals absolutely fit into C25K! So, pretend no more! You're in now ha ha...that is unless you are carted off by pig hunters....

Congrats on the 3Lb loss too! You're doing great - who you continue to lose, your gastro-whatever issues may become a thing of the past?

Michelle @ Diary of an Aspiring Loser said...

Wow, you're doing so great. Another 3 pounds. Incredible. I don't know that I ever lost like that week after week. I mean, I know you had a couple slower weeks but you've just been cranking out the weight loss!! My toes are always embarrassingly non-manicured as well :) We have more important things to tend to...don't we? :/

Ummm, would yanking your toe out fix it? If that's the case I'll come fix it for ya! Just close your eyes and I'll yank!!

Be careful with those dogs.

bekkles said...

Hey Kristy,

Huge congrats on this milestone! i can't wait to be "just" overweight!

ANd well done on the intervals. Watch out, this running business gets a little addictive!

Happy days