Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hiking Along

Okay, so I’ve done many things since my last posting. Including losing weight. Yee haha! 2.6 pounds last week, and another 2 pounds this week. As long as I stick to my eating plan and keep active it seems like I'm going to keep losing. And I've lost a total of 24.5 inches overall. Amazing!

Here’s what I’ve been doing. Gina, one of my new tenants (here’s all three new tenants; Gina, Pam, and Kerstie-so cute!), and I, hiked the Makiki Loop Trail, as I said we were planning. Unfortunately we both forgot our cameras. At the beginning of the hike I pointed up to the top of the ridge on the other side of the valley, and said, "We're going up there." We both laughed. I was kidding! Little did I know we were going up there. We did make it, with a few breathing stops on the 700 ft elevation climb within .70 miles (16% slope!). Suffice it to say it kicked our collective butts, and we both decided, on the way down, that we needed to add to our hiking supplies, in the way of ankle/knee wraps/braces. I definitely learned from that hike.

So, two days later I decided to hike to Maunawili Falls. And I did. This time I packed a knee brace, an ace bandage, an energy bar, and of course, water. Oh! And my camera. It was a fun hike, with three water crossings, not too many stairs, and a waterfall at the end as a reward. Oh! I’d been considering titling this (my next) post “I Hate Stairs!,” but I guess it’s like childbirth…I’ve forgotten how painful they are. Believe me, I’ve spent a LOT of time lately imagining a post about how much I hate stairs on hikes. But, I found a long piece of bamboo right at the beginning of my return from Maunawili Falls, broke it in two, and now I have walking sticks to help me up and down the paths, so while I still think about how much I hate stairs, I’m okay with them…..for now. And I'll tell you, it felt like I was flying going down the trail that day.

Anywaaaays…been hiking. Had a few down days this past weekend, but have still managed to go to the gym, do strengthtraining and some C25K (been jogging 90/walking 90 seconds for the entire 30 minutes. Think I'm going to move on to the real week 3 this week), and of course, do some bodyboarding at Kalama’s.

Also did a short hike to Likeke Falls. Got a little lost on the way, but from what I’ve read and what I heard that day, it’s par for the course. Along the way I ran into three Marines who were as lost as me. They had a map someone had given them. I considered backtracking and following them, but decided to continue on as I’d planned. That afforded me an opportunity to climb a humongous hill and back down, and then backtrack. (Note the bamboo stick in my hand. That Marine wanted them, but I wasn't giving em up, no siree Bob!) But I also found the falls before the marines, so that was a sweet reward. I love having these adventures. A good life. Not perfect, but good enough.

Oh! And I got a bike. Not sure if I mentioned that. I think I'm going to give it a try this weekend - either riding to Kalama's or trying a bike path I've heard about. First I have to get a helmet though. I'll keep ya posted on that. Hey all you friends (and you know who you are), how about leaving me a comment?


Cyndi said...

Look at you with the 'weight-all-just-droppin-off'! That is so great! I can't imagine going up and down all those mountains like that but that's got to be a great workout!

Congrats on the bike - now you can do even more exploring!

Reading your posts makes me want to get back outside - I've been stuck on the 'mill a lot lately and getting a little too comfortable there!

Keep up the great work!

bekkles said...

I love looking at your pics, such beautiful surroundings!

Go you- What a fantastic weight loss.

Can't wait to hear the biking stories

Happy days

Michelle said...

Wow, you are looking so fit and active!! Amazing progress. Even more importantly you are getting out there and having adventures and living life!! That is what it's all about, right? Who wants to sit home and be skinny? And your weight loss is just amazing. Great job!!

SuperDave said...

Great job on the weight loss for one.
You take so many cool pictures on your hike!! Hiking is one of many passions.
Can I move on and be neighbors next to the girls? LOL!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss that's awesome!! Keep up the hikes and the pictures with the cute Marines.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to check on the bike helmet purchase. :-)

Ann said...

Well go woman! I have to say, having accompanied this girl on the last 2 adventures (goat island & maunawili falls), that she can outhike/outswim me. Of course I'm older (2 years!)LOL. Guess I'd best start practicing more though, I want to be able to "get ahead" one day (grin). Kristy, you are a woman possessed on them should see her go! Great she challenges me though.