Sunday, November 9, 2008

AWOL but Doing Stuff

Since my computer crash I've been gone, but not because I wanted to be. I tried to post something last week, but I lost it when I hit Publish. This time I'll be smart and save it first. (just tried that and I can't do it)

Synopsis: I didn't lose any weight last week. I did lose 10 inches last month and am fitting into some of my old fave clothes, even tho I weigh 15 pounds more than I did then. Guess I'm doing something right. I haven't fit in the 20 minute run, but intend to this week - again. My leg is totally healed. Even though I haven't done the 20 minute run (actually I haven't seen that part of the gym for over a week), I've gone to strength training classes twice a week. I went on an awesome hike with my friends from Kauai, John and Sue. The Likeke Falls one, but this time we went all the way up to the Pali lookout. This pic is of where we started from (the building down below) Another one of those big elevation hikes. It was fun! I only had to stop once or twice, and covered that by taking pics of John and Sue. And, the other really cool thing is that I met a potential new hiking/training buddy who said she would love to do the Xterra Kualoa 5 K with me in December! Yeah! Really hope that works out. We really had fun this weekend. Don't John and Sue look happy? I don't have any pics of Kalama's, but trust me when I say the waves were great!!!!!


Cyndi said...

Hey there, wondering how things have been for you! I just love the pics you post!

Isn't that funny how smaller clothes fit you even though you weigh more than you did the last time you wore them? I am having that same revelation! LOVE IT!

Good luck with the 20 minute run! You are going to LOVE IT! I promise ;-)

SuperDave said...

Did you say that you lost 10 inches last month. WoohOO!! How exciting! It's always nice to have running partners.

Pollye said...

Yes they do look happy and you are sounding happier every day. Love the photo's, small world. two John & Sues.