Saturday, November 15, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!

I ran 20 minutes this morning!!!!! I tried on Tuesday, but had to slow it down after 12 minutes because my shins were hurting. I really didn't want to deal with another injury. But this morning I did it. I'm not saying it was easy, but it wasn't that hard either. And I'm pretty sure I can do it again. After that I went to a strengthtraining class. I noticed that I felt weaker than usual. Probably because of the run right before. So, I guess this means I'll sign up for that 5K. I hope they give us as much time as we need to complete it, because I am very slow. I mean super slow.

The other exciting that happened was I broke through that weight plateau I've been cruising on for over a month. This morning, despite the grilled cheese sandwich I had last night, I weighed 157!!! Yee hah! In the 150s. I'm proud of myself for keeping on when the weight wasn't coming off. It helped that the inches were and that more and more clothes are just too loose to wear. But in the 150s. That makes me do a happy dance.

I was planning on either a hike or some more bodyboarding today, but it is overcast and looks like it might rain hard Here's a pic from my balcony yesterday morning. Rain brings its own rewards. If it continues cloudy today I think I'll go in search of a new bathing suit top. I'm about ready to get back into two pieces – let my stomach get some sun. One of my mottos is “Fat looks better tan,” but some things shouldn't be seen. I'm feeling like its getting small enough to be allowed out in the light of day again. All kinds of progress. Yippee!!!


SuperDave said...

I'm AWOL pretty much most of the time now myself. WooHoo on the run! It's not about the time, but about "doing."- don't worry..:)
Wow, I am jealous on the continual weight loss.
There you go again rubbing that beautiful place in our faces again. Cool picture..I've never been to Hawaii before and I can't wait to go. :)

Cyndi said...

AWESOME KRISTY! First of all, good for you for recognizing when to stand down on your first attempt, instead of pushing through the pain and risking injury. Second, now that you've done the 20 minutes, it will be easier the next time!

Usually 5K's you can run/walk - I had several people walking across the line at my race as we were walking to the car to leave. Like Dave said, it's the fact that you DO it, time is not important now! (I have to remind myself that all the time!)

So, my husband has an Aunt and cousin that live in Honolulu. And of course they bug us all the time, when are we coming to visit? (Free place to stay etc.)

Every time I see your pictures, I make a mental note, 'we NEED to plan this trip!'. I'm not sure where you are in relation to Honolulu, but it's cool to think we could actually get to meet someday! :-)

Congrats on the 20 minute run..I'm so happy for you! You are on your way!

Anonymous said...

YEAH on being able to run for 20 minutes that is awesome. I cannot wait to hear all about your first 5K. When is it again??? We all need to be cheering from our respective states :-)

OK HOW AWESOME IS YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!!! You should be doubly proud for not giving up when on that nasty plataeu. Those seem to be contagious on these blogs. I hope you are still basking in that feeling. Go out and get yourself a new bathing suit top. You're not fat!! Hello you're 157 pounds WOOT WOOT!