Sunday, December 7, 2008

First 5K

Okay...First race report ever. First off, I did it and beat my goal by almost 4 minutes! I was so excited to be there, even tho I couldn't sleep well last night, mainly because I couldn't find a pair of shorts that fit. But, sometime around 3 a.m. my drawer coughed up a pair that wouldn't fall down, and wasn't too small. Anywayssss....Sarah picked me up on time, we drank a smoothie on the way, and both felt pretty similar....this was about having fun and doing the best we could. Never mind that this was the World Championship for the Xterra Off Road 21 K. We had our race to run.

We saw the Real Racers off, then the 10K'ers. Next was our turn. Everything started out great – I was right in the middle of the pack, running along. Right around the first bend appeared a killer hill...I didn't know
at the time that it went up for about the first mile, but I did know that I couldn't run up it. What I also didn't know was that I could walk up it at a fairly good pace without stopping, even when taking pictures. So, at the first aid station (1.7 mile), I was way behind the pack, but had quite a few people behind me. That was quite a relief. After that it was a piece of cake. I watched myself on the extreme downhills and over the cattle gates,but ran quite a bit, even passing a bunch of people. At times I actually felt like I was getting in the groove of running.

In the midst of it all, I took pics of the mountains and various movie settings. And, in the end, I came in 4th in my age division. My friend came in 2nd. And I wasn't even close to last over all. Yay! Now I'm thinking of doing a mini tri. Talked to an 80 year old who had good information about them. Why not?


Cyndi said...

Kristy - Awesome!!!! :-)

I'm so glad you had a great first race experience, what a great accomplishment! I knew you would do great! The progress will just keep coming too...the best is yet to come. (I keep saying that to myself as I work up the courage to officially sign up for a 1/2 marathon in May ugh...)

Way to go thinking ahead already to doing a Tri! You are like me, it's always good to have something to work for!

Keep up the great work and Run On!


Audrey Smith said...

We did it sister


Anonymous said...

WOOT WOOT I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!! You finished 4 minutes faster than planned with walking. You're a rock star.

Love that you're planning your next race already. Aren't you totally hooked now? There is a feeling after a race that you cannot explain to anyone they have to live it.

What this talking about "the real racers"? You're a real racer, there is nothing less significant about a 5K, it was your race number and all.

I am so happy for you! ((((KRISTY))))

Pollye said...

Way to Go.....I knew you could do it.

SuperDave said...

You know what I think is great is reading your previous post about "how could I have signed up for this race" and then the excitement of your post and your face after the race.
Aren't you glad that you did it now? Awesome!!!
How beautiful a place that you live in, look at the lushness of the mountains and valleys.
You beat your goal by 4 mins!
When is your next?? You can't just stop at one!!

SuperDave said...

Merry Christmas!!!
Hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

Oh man, I am so damn proud of you for doing this! And the pictures are amazing. You are looking so fit and trim. Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear about the mini tri you'll pick out. Merry Holidays!

Cyndi said...

Kristy ~ Where have you been? Everything ok? I couldn't find your email in your profile, so hopefully you see this comment.

I'm just checking up on you and hope all is well, it has been over a month since you've posted! ;-)

Take care, Cyndi

bekkles said...

Somehow I'd missed this post!

Now...where are you?
Would love to hear how its all going?
And on the tri- I think they're so much fun and the training is a little less gruelling as you get to mix it up!
Definitely give it a go!