Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anybody Have Any Injury-be-gone Spray?

It’s been a long few weeks with this hurt leg. I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to for it. I can really feel the lack of exercise – I’m antsy, a little cranky. So, yesterday I went to Dallas's Happy Hour. It helped my frame of mind a lot yesterday. I could do most of the exercises, all except some of the lunges and squats. It felt great! Here are a few pics of Dallas. One is of her “flashing” as she calls it. She pushes us in ways that make me laugh. Or makes me want to laugh if I only could while doing things like the gluteal pulses she loves so much.

A friend from D.C. was in town visiting over the weekend, and since he is vegan I ate mostly that way with him. We have our first ever Whole Foods market here, so one night we ate there. When I told him about the nearby Umeke market, and how the opening of Whole Foods will likely force them out of business, we ate there for the rest of the weekend. On Sunday I began making a vegan pasta dinner with roasted peppers and 2 kinds of squash, but he was more interested in talking than my cooking, so I finished it off Monday and shared it with my student tenants. As a result of all this vegan eating I lost 1.4 pounds this week despite only one hour of real exercise.

My leg still hurts, but is slowly getting better, so I’m hoping that by next week I can get back to some cardio. In the meantime I think I’ll go to as many strengthtraining classes as I can. Or, I’m still tossing around the idea of going to the Bay Area to see Carlos again. But, I really wanted to go on a Michelle and Miguel adventure when I went to the Bay Area, and I obviously can’t do that, so I probably won’t go. Injuries suck. Not at all sure what I’m supposed to learn from this, other than to never use a chair instead of a ladder or step stool. See? I told you I was cranky.


Cyndi said...

*giggling* Imagine the letdown when I read 'Happy Hour' and I'm thinkin, yea, that's what I'm talking about...woo! My first thought was, 'I hope she didn't fall off another chair!' LOL. But NO - turns out there is no alchohol involved, just 'glute pulses' and 'flashing' ha ha...oh well!

I'm sorry your leg is still bothering you, but you are doing the right thing by taking it easy, and you are still doing what you CAN and that's the main thing. It's all about being flexible when life gets in the way, right? Good for you! I'd be crabby too! But, This too shall they say.

...but I still don't think 'Happy Hour' and 'glute pulses' should be used in the same sentence! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Keep your leg up in the air as much as possible! (*)B