Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back To My Program

I am so over my leg so so over it. I rested all last weekend. This weekend I devoted to some medical procedures I don't want to gross you out with. Suffice it to say the prep was way worse than the actual procedures.

Okay, back to Back To My Program. Despite not being able to exercise much for the past three or four weeks, other than dancing to Santana, I didn't gain any weight. That's good. And, here are the much better good things. I'm back to Dallas' Happy Hour, lifting more weight than I was before.
AND! Here's the really really cool Good! I'm back on the the same level I was at before I hurt myself. No problem. Whatsoever. I was able to jog 5 and 3 - TWICE, with half that much walking in between. With no trouble heart rate or breathing. I love it! And I did it two days so far. Once more and I'll move to the next week, which is jog 5, walk 3, jog 5, walk 3, jog 5 (first day), and I don't think that will be much of a problem, then jog 8, walk 5, jog 8 (day 2), then jog 20 (day 3) ??????!!!!! I'm sure everyone will understand if this week takes me 2-4 weeks to get through. But, I will get through it.

So, to celebrate the reality that I just might be able to make it to a 5K in the not too distant future, I went out and bought myself some REAL running shoes today. Mizuno Wave Inspires. Here's a pic I tried out a bunch of shoes, jogging around the store, and decided on these. It was tied between them and a pair of Saucony's. These were $20 bucks cheaper and felt as good. I am so so happy! I was so happy that I also bought a new (first ever) running shirt too. I was trying to find a pic of my shirt and look what I found! A link to all kinds of 5K races here in Hawaii!
So, maybe I AM turning into a runner. Who would have thought that was even a remote possibility????? Thank you to all my blogger buddies who actually have turned into runners..and more...for your amazing inspirational examples. I'm running as fast as I can in your footsteps. Especially to Shosh who today completed her second half marathon in a week, Bekkles who is about ready for her tri, despite having just moved cross country, is working incredibly long demanding hours, and being an awesome wife and mother to the cutest little Lucy girl ever, Cyndi, whose dust I'm eating, and is not only ready to run her first 5K, but is thinking of a half marathon herself while she works full time, is also an awesome wife and mom to three amazing kids, and of course, to my dear dear friend Michelle, who got me started on this path by sharing her journey with me and others, turning me onto the blogosphere, and who just sent me two books; The Slow Fat Triathlete, and Your First Triathlon. You think maybe she wants to live vicariously through me during her babe's first year?
Thank you, all you wonderful inspiring women. I'll try to live up to your examples. Really. And no standing on chairs again. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Hi honey. Thanks for the shout out!

I am so happy that you're feeling better and back on the road to running ;-) You will be ready for a 5K VERY soon and I cannot wait for that.

Keep us posted on your progress and love the shoes.

Cyndi said...

This is so awesome Kristy! I'm so happy for you - I SHARE your excitement! And do you know what? That 20 minute run will completely surprise you TRUST ME. You CAN and WILL be able to do it. And when you are done, you will be SO SO amazed at yourself and deservedly proud.

LOVE the shoes! I need new shoes already - mine are just basic Nike women's running shoes, and I'm not having any 'issues' at all, but now that I know more about shoes, I want the real thing!

So pick a race and sign up! Something around when you complete C25K. It will keep you motivated (not that you need it!) and it's great to have something to look forward too!

Glad you are feeling better...

bekkles said...

Thanks Kristy,

You made me cry...the good kind of tears!

I am so glad you're back from injury and it sounds like you are going great guns already!

I'm with Cyndi, sign up to something. It doesn't matter if you run some and walk some, what matters is that you are there taking part!

The excitement from your post was leaping out the screen at me.
I can't wait to hear about the runs coming up!

This inspiration business is definitely a two way street! You are a total star!

SuperDave said...

Thanks Kristy,
What you said makes lot of sense, sometimes I need for someone to just tell me to eat better and I will keep track of my food from now on.
Other note - Glad the leg is doing better and cool shoes. You are the 5th person that I know that bought those Mizunos. They must be magic. :)