Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going Down Again

Well, that sure was a long month of barely any weight loss. One of my mini goals was to be at 160 by the time I went to AZ last month, but didn't quite make it. So, I was so happy to weigh in today and see I'd lost 3 pounds, for a total of 40 pounds. I love round numbers like that. I'm hoping to be in the 150s by next week. Only 15 pounds till I'm in the normal weight category. Very exciting!

Did I mention how much I love my new Mizunos? Running in them feels so good. My jammed toe doesn't hurt, my knee doesn't hurt. I can't say that I've yet to experience that "runner's high", or any kind of exhiliration yet, but I have recently remembered how joyful running used to feel when I was a kid. I loved going off on my own, running through the woods. I hope that once I can comfortably run for longer amounts of time that that feeling will come back. I started week 5 of my C25K plan, running 5/walking 3 times 3, and it was easy. My heart rate went a little higher than I like, but it settled back down again within a minute. Next time I'm going to try the day 2: Jog 8/walk 5/jog 8.

I'm hoping to go on an outdoor adventure in the next couple of days, and will probably go bodyboarding tomorrow. I've asked Ann to choose an adventure. She's been walking up the outside of Diamond Head for the past few weeks, so it sounds like she's ready for some hills. I hope she doesn't pick something TOO steep, since I haven't been back to walking for too long.


Anonymous said...

Hi honey. I am so happy to hear that you are not having any pain and that your new shoes are helping you enjoy running.

CONGRATS on the great weight loss. You are going to be in the 150's really soon and I am so excited for you!! Keep it up.

Cyndi said...

Yeah! Round numbers are good! Three pounds down, that is incredible!

Thanks for the Mizuno I REALLY want new shoes. AGain, mine are 'fine' but why go with 'fine' when you can have 'fabulous' right?

I started getting that 'high' after my first 20 minute run. Some people say this doesn't happen unless you run over something like 45 mins, but I don't know. I sure feel great at about the 15 - 20 minute mark, and my good vibes last for almost 24 hours!

Anyway, good on you for three pounds down...can't wait to celebrate when you reach your goal!

SuperDave said...

3 lbs lost, Woohoo! 40 lbs lost that is a great accomplishment.
I think I may have experinced the elusive "runners high" a couple times this year. Maybe?
When I was in tip-top shape in college I use to experience almost every run. I guess being in better shape you experince it more? hmmm don't know..
Everything was more enjoyable as a kid, except eating spinach.. LOL!

bekkles said...

I commented here yesterday but it obviously didn't work!

Great job on the weight loss, congrats! I've just started seeing the numbers move in the right direction again and it re-energises you to get back into it!

Glad the running shoes are working out...I look forward to the post about getting that high..there will be one!

Happy days