Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving Up, Down, and Forward

Yesterday I went to the beach with my daughter and just played around. No waves except a tiny shore break. Lots of families, including a couple of dads giving their cute little sons pushes on their surfboards. I wish I'd brought my camera because those little guys were riding those waves and having the time of their lives. I just paddled around for about 45 minutes. I figured it was better than sitting around my house, playing on the computer. It was movement.

Today I woke up early, before 6 a.m. Even without the dog across the street barking. Did I mention that the information I sent them must have worked, because since I have been back from Kona he has hardly barked at all, and when he does he stops really quickly? I'm wondering if they are using the spray bottle technique. Whatever they are doing, I am grateful.

So, despite my sore legs, I had a smoothie and went to the gym. This is the moving up part. That torture machine that I thought is an elliptical machine? Now I'm not so sure. While I was on it today, I looked to my left, and there was a row of similar machines, but the arm things on those moved too. My arm bar thingies didn't move. I checked. So now I'm thinking I have just been using a stairmaster maybe. I mean the feet things are the same, big trays that move all weird - up, down, kind of sliding back and forth, it is the arm bar thingies that are different. Don't laugh!!! I had never set foot in a gym until less than a month ago! But, if anyone could tell me what I have been using to torture myself, I would really appreciate it. Anyway, I increased the time by one minute very long minute I might add...up to eight minutes. And still only 59 calories burned. Maybe I slowed down when I noticed the REAL Elliptical machines?

Then I moved on to the bike. Since 20 minutes + cool down went so well Saturday, I upped it to 30 minutes + cool down today. Again, on the highest hills it paused twice, even though I was pedaling as hard as I could. I think that may be a good thing though, because at times my heart rate was up in the 190s. I was thinking maybe I should "downshift" it to a lower level for those hills, but my pride just won't let me do it - yet. If I can't make it up the hills at level 10 in another week, I will try that. Oh shoots! I forgot how many calories I burned, but I know it was 131 at about 14 minutes, so I would guess it was over 200 by the time I was done.

I've been making small adjustments to my food. This is the moving down part. I bought some lowfat mayo, I checked carefully for the lowest calorie/fat when I bought bread. Did I mention that rye bread had fewer calories and fat than all of the other whole grain breads I looked at? I was surprised at that. I bought some of that spray on buttery stuff. I occasionally calculate weight watcher points. My morning smoothies are 6 points, about 380 calories, so I think that is about right to start the day. I'll try to post a pic of one soon because they are so pretty. The result of all this is I have lost 4 pounds!!!! Most of it during the last week. So I guess it is true that muscles burn more calories than fat. Not that I am all toned or anything, but this exercising on a consistent basis is beginning to work. That's the moving forward part.

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Michelle said...

"I figured it was better than sitting around my house, playing on the computer."

Yes! You burned lord knows how many more calories at the beach than you would have at the computer, not to mention the benefits of sun, sand, and water. I hope Pua had a nice relaxing time too.

Re: ellipticals. Yes, you are on an elliptical, just not with the arm thingies (as I like to call them). On most ellipticals you can adjust incline and resistance. I use the ones without the arm thingies but don't hold on to the bars (looks something like this: ), I swing my arms like I'm walking or jogging. I've used the arm ones before and they're ok, I just enjoy the freedom of movement on the ones without.

On most of them the feet are the same, and you can adjust incline, but there is a slightly different one by Life Fitness (they make a bunch of different models) on which you CAN'T adjust the incline but can adjust resistance and it will KICK YOUR ASS! It has arm thingies and it's really good, I just don't usually want to work quite that hard :) Here's what it looks like:

So, yes, the torture machine you're on is an elliptical, and good for you for pushing yourself and adding that extra minute. Before too long you'll be cruising on that thing. Have you got your MP3 player playing music yet? Or are you still watching TV?