Thursday, May 8, 2008

This whole week, since coming back from Kona, I have been waging an inner exercise or not. I couldn't figure out why this week I was struggling so much, when last week I was so enthusiastic. I was draggggging. My first thoughts about it were that I had gotten into it too fast too soon too much, and that for some unknown reason that would make me not want to do it this week.

Today I think I figured it out. I AM tired. And it is partly because I keep getting woken up by the dog across the street. Yes, he was probably barking last week too, but on the weekends he doesn't start so early, so I usually sleep in a bit more. I was up early every morning while i was in Kona, ready to holo holo, go see, go do. But no sleeping in. My schedule is later than most people, since I work about noon to 7 or so, so I go to bed later, and would naturally sleep later, except for the dog barking and waking me up.

So, I sent my neighbors some information on being a good neighbor by controlling their dog's barking, including some Humane society-recommended training methods. I also sent a brochure that has the guidleines for what is legally considered a nuisance in terms of barking dogs. I am really hoping they get the point and do something about it.

Anyway, I didn't go to the gym today, but I did go bodyboarding. Given the choice, I will always opt for ocean fun over gym fun. There were some trade wind generated waves, which are always fun. No Portugese man 'o wars, which sometimes accompany trade wind waves, so better yet. It was fun, had some good rides, jumped and swam and made me smile a lot, worked all kinds of groups of muscles, and didn't get tired for a half an hour. Stamina increasing. Yeah!!!

Tomorrow I am going back to Kona. Have my snorkel gear packed. Planning on going back to City of Refuge. Looks like really good snorkeling...crystal clear water, a live reef with plenty of fish.

Here's a pic of someone else bodyboarding at my beach today just to get an idea of what I'm talking about. It will probably show up at the top. One of these days I will figure out how to insert them where I want them. Hope everyone has a great weekend, doing things they love.

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Michelle said...

Bodyboarding! Yes! That's a great picture. We need to get one of you doing it :) Have fun in Kona! I'm so jealous.